Our Process


We start with the end in mind, grasping the vision you have for your brand positioning in your industry. Your vision is the catalyst to our creative direction, keeping our team aligned to create a compelling narrative for your story. 


In our brainstorming sessions we work through ideas and strategies to infuse a spark into your branding and advertising. These ideas will help establish a framework that will initiate the production process. 


Creative writing is the first step to convey a message displaying your unique value proposition. We focus our time and energy to make sure your voice is unique, while keeping your personality and tone intact.


In the film making phase our creative direction and art direction comes to life. We capture cinematic visuals to communicate your story with emotion, drawing a deeper connection with the viewer. (Camera speed… Audio speed… Rolling Camera… Action!)


There is a science to crafting a dynamic story working through hundreds of clips and hours of raw material. We specialize in sculpting videos that creates impact, making sure your message resonates on screen. 


We deliver the best results creating narratives connecting brands with people. Your brand story is unique, but it must be told in a way where people are inclined to listen.